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The EN™ DMX Room Combine System

The use of entertainment lighting in Hotel/Convention Center ballrooms has become commonplace and grows every day. DMX is the industry standard protocol for communications between architectural and theatrical lighting systems and peripherals. The use of DMX data distribution systems, once limited to “state-of-the art” facilities, has become a common consideration for retrofit and current designs. Entertainment Networks is a major manufacturer of DMX distribution systems for Hotel/Convention Centers.

The modern Hotel/Convention Center is distinguished not only by its size but by its technological attributes. Today’s comprehensive designs include fiber optics, video teleconferencing, Internet connectivity and DMX distribution. The facility that is pre-wired for DMX is more versatile, easier to operate and maintains a distinct marketing advantage over its competitors. Entertainment Networks provides systems ranging from basic DMX distribution to the most sophisticated DMX room-combine systems.

The EN system provides user friendly, automated “Plug and Play” operation requiring no user intervention. Automatic reconfiguration when walls are moved provides “if you can see it, you can control it” function. The dangerous practice of draping cables up the walls or the use of clumsy patch panels is eliminated.


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