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The EN™ DMX Room Combine System

Ease of Installation

DMX cable can be run in daisy-chain, star or star/daisy-chain combination topography.
Individual home runs not required.
All DMX terminations performed by EN™ factory technicians.

Plug and Play Operation

No reconfiguration required as room arrangements are changed.

Central Unified Control

All room combine functions can be assigned at the touch of a button.
Optional integration of sound, AV and mechanical system partitioning.


Optical isolation provided at each input and output point.
System components are protected from damaging voltages.

RS485 Standard

Your system is a completely terminated network, providing optimal forgiveness of sloppy temporary wiring.


Operation manuals, submittals and as-builts provided in hard copy and electronic format.

Ease of Maintenance

System components are connectorized for easy replacement.
Spare parts inventory provided with system.


Complete system warranty two years from date of energization.
Optional extended warranty available.

Optional Feature

A control console need not be present to control distributed dimmers and moving lights. The EN™ DMX Room Combine System allows architectural control system to output DMX to any DMX output jack.

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