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EN Emergency Power Control


Emergency lights can now be switched on and off in commercial and institutional buildings and no longer have to be on 24 hours a day to meet safety codes. Now, you can specify and install a UL 924 listed emergency power control device that can convert and control up to 20 regular light fixtures to approved emergency lights.

 The emergency light fixtures’ power is supplied by an emergency power distribution panel that is automatically switched to a generator or inverter upon normal power failure. The standard room switch turns on and off both regular lights and emergency lights through the same switch leg by means of the Model EPC Emergency Power Controller that controls all emergency light fixtures. During room or general power failure these emergency fixtures will illuminate automatically, regardless of room switch on/off position, conforming to all safety codes.


The Automatic Emergency Power Control device is designed to be installed as a wiring device in the area with dimmable lights or in a central location.

The EPC-D is a single zone silent operating control device. It is both versatile and cost effective and is designed for dimmable lights in public places where light levels must be maintained at 1foot candle during the loss of normal power. The device will sense the loss of power and will transfer the load to an available emergency source within 1.5 seconds. When normal power is restored, the EPC-D will transfer the load back within 1.5 seconds. Any interruption of normal power will automatically transfer designated lights to full bright regardless whether system is turned on or off.


 Specifications and Cut Sheet for EPC

Specifications and Cut Sheet for EPC-D

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